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Company Members

Dance Foundation Programme / 
Junior Ensemble

Coming soon...

Transition Ensemble

Aria Kavanagh Ozmen.jpeg

Aria Kavanagh Ozmen

Hannah Graham.jpeg

Hannah Graham

Cara Harrington.jpeg

Cara Harrington

Mai Ly Tham.jpeg

Mai Ly Tham

Halle Grainger Brennan.jpeg

Halle Grainger Brennan

Tina Capurro.jpeg

Tina Capurro

Hannah Heneghan.jpeg

Hannah Heneghan

Elissa Lawlor.jpeg

Elissa Lawlor

Georgia Feeley.jpeg

Georgia Feeley

Rachel Dowling Barnes.jpeg

Rachel Dowling Barnes

Lir Ziegler Ryan.jpeg

Lir Ziegler Ryan

Lauren Wright Byrne.jpeg

Lauren Wright Byrne

Daisy McKenna.jpeg

Daisy McKenna

Freddie Ní Almhain.jpeg

Freddie Ní Almhain

Sylvie McCormick.jpeg

Sylvie McCormick

Senior Ensemble

Ellen Nowak Ní Cheallaigh.jpeg

Ellen Nowak Ní Cheallaigh

Grace Tamani.jpeg

Grace Tamani

Mika Kelly.jpeg

Mika Kelly

Lily McIntyre.jpeg

Lily McIntyre

Florentine Ryan.jpeg

Florentine Ryan

Sarah Curran

Sarah Curran

Tatiana Astakhova.jpeg

Tatiana Astakhova

Caoilfhionn Doyle.jpeg

Caoilfhionn Doyle

Poppy Pendred

Poppy Pendred

Abi Hasson.jpeg

Abi Hasson

Isabel Gilsenan.jpeg

Isabel Gilsenan

Lucia Ortega.jpeg

Lucia Ortega

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