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Rocio Dominguez

Rocio Dominguez_Headshot(1).jpg

Rocío Dominguez is a dance artist based in Dublin. She has worked as dancer, choreographer and assistant choreographer with Junk Ensemble, Alexandre Iseli, Luke Murphy, Loosysmokes, Anna Newell Theatre Company, BrokenCrow Theatre Company, Polina Kremasta and Joclecio Azevedo among others, in Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Argentina.


Rocio has been supported through awards and residencies from Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dance Ireland, Shawbrook, Tipperary Dance (TD), Tenerife Lav, and Ensimismados (Costa Rica). Rocio has been selected as a guest artist for Artists' Encounter, Spring Forward Festival Aerowaves in Dublin 2023. She was Associate Artist for TD in 2022, and has received the first fellowship by TD from 2018 to 2019.


Rocio has created the pieces Many Mes (Teatro Leal, Tenerife, 2022), War (Faculty of Architecture of Porto 2018), and Mental Make-Up (co-created with Catarina Garcia, Teatro Campo Alegre 2018). She is currently working on two new works, "It Lies Behind" and "Don't Stop And You Won't Notice"

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