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Philip Connaughton headshot.JPG

Philip Connaughton

Philip is a choreographer/performer from Dublin. For the past 10 years, he has been making award winning work offering audiences a unique and heartfelt approach to important themes that exist in society.

He has studied at Digges Lane, Dublin and Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, London. Currently, Philip is the Artist in Residence at the Projects Arts Centre and also developing new collaborative work at the Gate Theatre, supported by the Dublin Theatre Festival and the Dublin Dance Festival.

Philip’s project “Almost Alone” will engage with the DYDC Dancers to create a site-specific choreographic work that will be performed outdoors and connect to the local landscape. They will dance separately, though not all in sight of each other, and will move in synchronicity to the same music that only they shall hear. For the performer, there is an opportunity to develop a three dimensionality to their performance that is equally important in the controlled environment of the theatre, while exercising their ability to invite being seen – all of this within a choreographically challenging and specific vocabulary.

Finally, people watching can engage with the dancers in a way not possible indoors that beautifully highlights the surrounding urban landscape allowing for closeness, depth or distance.

Mihaela Griveva.jpg

Mihaela Griveva
*photographer: Richard Kavanagh

Mihaela, founder and editor of,  is a performer and teacher who has been working with children and young people in Ireland and abroad helping dance students and professional dancers exceed their potential on stage. She uses sports psychology to support her student’s development and assist them in getting better not only technically but becoming resilient and confident too.

Mihaela is on the Dance Ireland Board of Directors since 2018 and has taught multiple masterclasses and workshops throughout Ireland and Europe. Mihaela also organized and created an Online International Dance Day in 2020 streaming live classes and performances to over 150 people around the world.

For Mihaela’s project, she will create a short dance film that depicts this transformative time with the help of site-specific spaces and the dancing body responding to them. She will experiment with costumes and materials that add another dimension to the motion of the human body. Mihaela would like to represent the Earth as a living organism where everything is interconnected, by conveying the idea that if we are in harmony with our environment, it can protect and nourish the quality of our life.

Kate Haughton headshot.jpg

Kate Haughton

Kate is the founder and director of the Debbie Allen Summer School, working with young people refining their dance technique, whilst also giving them opportunities to experience creativity within dance.

Kate has a BA in Modern Ballet with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and a MA in Dance Performance with the Conservatoire of Trinity Laban. She performed in the Irish National Opera’s production of Carmen in 2020 and has been the recipient of many awards including most recently the Covid-19 Response Award and the DLR County Council Arts Development Bursary.

For the Resilience Programme, Kate will develop her ongoing research of the work “Meeting Another”. It is an ever-evolving performative score that is individualised and collaborative for the audience. With one performer for every audience member, the audience gets to influence the outcome of the piece.

She will use performers to investigate how the piece can be developed with different individuals. It will be a collaborative working environment, so that the performers ideas, concerns and choices will inform the work. Including 2 dancers from DYDC will provide a useful opportunity to explore how the work can be performed by younger dancers, whilst also giving the young dancers and opportunity to work in a professional dance context.

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