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The Resilience Programme 2021

Resilience is a series of special commissions designed to sustain the youth dance community, the dance community at large and their sense of collection creativity and commitment to quality practice. These performances will be part of Irish Youth Dance Festival (IYDF).

DYDC is delighted to announce these commissions have been awarded to the following artists/youth dance companies:

Strand A – Artist/Choreographer

  • Philip Connaughton

  • Mihaela Griveva

  • Kate Haughton


Strand B – DYDC Alumni

  • Nick Nikolaou

  • Hannah Rogerson

  • Simone O’Toole


Strand C – Youth Dance Company

  • Steptacular Performing Arts

  • New Moon Youth Dance Company

  • DU Dance (NI)

  • Limerick Youth Dance Company

  • Laois Youth Dance Ensemble

  • Dublin Youth Circus



Each artist/company will receive a fee to assist them in putting together a performance piece, technical assistance and promotion through social media.

The Resilience Programme artists were selected from an open call for established artists/choreographers, DYDC alumni and youth dance companies within Ireland with a connection to young people and an interest in their development. The programme is a direct response to artists expressed need to showcase and exhibit work they have made/are making during Covid-19, changing the way artists make and show work.


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