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#Keepdancing during quarantine

Movement is the way we as dancers express our emotions and exert energy. Often the core of who we are is expressed through movement and we don't feel fully alive if we are not in motion.

So now, as we do our civic duty by self-quarantining at home, we encourage you to keep up a routine that works for you, using the limited space at your disposal and experiment with new techniques. And watch lots of performances online! This is temporary and in the meantime we need to keep our bodies conditioned and mentally inspired. #KeepDancing


Contemporary Dance Technique:

For members of DYDC 2019/20 Mariam will be teaching online Zoom classes every Saturday and Sunday at 11am. Members pleas email to register. *July Update: For the Summer holidays class will only take place on Sundays.


Dancing.Alone.Together - Visit the website or follow @dancing.alone.together on instagram for live dance classes, prompts, and performance footage happening around the world. You can stream from your computer, phone via instagram and facebook live, and Zoom (CLASS DEPENDING)

*Note: Times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST). Add +5 hours.


GAGA Technique Classes - Gaga NYC is offering three live Gaga classes every day, open to anyone, from anywhere in the world, via Zoom. Must register in advance to receive Zoom meeting ID.


Movement For Hope - Follow @movement_for_hope on instagram for daily classes (i.e. dance/yoga/pilates/drawing). You can stream from your phone via instagram live.

*Note: Times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST). Add +5 hours.


Moot Movement Training Lab - Online contemporary movement training platform. Donations welcome, but not required.


Rosas Choreography - Explore the renowned Rosas movement content and create your own.


Watch Performances:


Bastard Amber - Choreographer and DYDC collaborator Liz Roche has made this special performance available online for free until 7th April.


Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage - Check out Sadler’s Wells facebook page for premieres of cancelled shows, videos are active for 7 days!


New York Live Arts - Is releasing archived full-length performances every week on their website.


Paris Opera Ballet - Will stream archived performances from their website:

March 30 - April 5: Swan Lake (2019)

April 13 - 19: Tribute to Jerome Robbins (2018)


‘Echad Mi Yodea’ by Batsheva Company - Watch this world-renowned choreography free online.


'Cunningham' Film - A cinematic experience 7 years in the making about legendary American dancer and choreographer, Merce Cunningham. £9.99 to watch online.

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